“Accents is one of the best kept secrets in Dublin!”

“Before I ordered my first Caramel Macchiato coffee at Accents, I was deeply convinced the best Caramel Macchiato is the Starbucks’s one.  Now I know I was mistaken, because the Accents’s coffee beat it!”

“Comfortable seats, tasty coffees, hot chocolates, teas and the best Spiced Chai Latte I ever tasted”

“Staff are really friendly and somehow manage to always be in good form”

” I strolled through the streets of Dublin looking for the perfect place to cozy up with a good latte and the latest Gillian Flynn novel. I came across Accents and decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did!”

“Accents late opening hours make having a cup of coffee a good alternative to going to a pub. A cosy vibe is created downstairs with beanbags and comfortable couches.”

“Really relaxing atmosphere, comfy couches, and I think they stay open until 11pm most nights (…oh and their green tea is delicious – it’s really hard to find good green tea in dublin!)”

“Good selection of teas, cakes and pastries, and decently priced too – highly recommend it!”

Comment from Sam Maltese, Chef.

The recipe to a great day in Dublin:
A huge dash of relaxing Atmosphere
A cup of professionalism
A huge chunk of amazing staff
Instructions – Place an order from a heart warming menu.
Find your space to chill
Absorb the true delight of a should be universally famous cafe
All this can be found in Accents
Always Remember :
“Sober is sexy”

Email received 12/03/12
Hi Accents Lounge,

I visited you for the first time this evening. It’s quite the coincidence. Well, kind of. I was sitting in Insomnia this afternoon reading my book and having a coffee and I thought “why aren’t coffee shops open late? I like being up late but I don’t necessarily want to have to go to a pub”. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to set up my own coffee shop, have live bands and keep the place open until 4am. It’s just a dream, I don’t know if I’ll ever do it. Then Insomnia closed at 7 and so I went on my merry way. I walked passed your place while I was on my way to a gig that was on in Designst on George’s St. Intrigued I checked your opening hours…open until 11 and 10 on Sundays! WOW! I decided that I would definitely have to check you out at some point. I continued on to the gig. I looked in but decided I wasn’t in the mood for it. I wanted to check your place out more. So I did. I’m very glad I did. There is such a lovely atmosphere in there. Everyone’s so friendly and the seats are super comfortable. I felt really at home and I look forward to visiting you more often and bringing friends.

I know this is a bit of a strange email but I just wanted to praise you because I really love what you’re doing.

I wish you every success in the future and I hope to visit soon!

All the best,

From: Deborah Stone
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 1:03 PM
To: Accents
Subject: Re: Accents Newsletter

Hi there

Just wanted to say that I visited accents on Saturday with a friend, after many failed attempts (flying past in a hurry etc etc). And I just thought I’d drop a quick line to say that it was just so lovely! I’m a bit particular about my hot chocolates 🙂 as my friends will testify to (I don’t drink coffee, just tea and hot choc) but I was mighty impressed I have to say. I just LOVE that it’s all couches and armchairs. I’m so so tired of hard uncomfortable chairs squashed into the table next to you. You have created my ideal coffee and tea lounge. And a particular mention about the staff, I was there from about 5pm to maybe 645pm and all staff were the best you could get! Friendly, helpful and so pleasant.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. 🙂 I’ll definitely be back again, with friends and family in tow.


6 responses to “Testimonials

  1. I went here for a coffee and a cake this morning with my wife and kids and I have to say it was a very poor coffee and experience . There was no cups and when we I got our coffee in the takeaway cup it was only half filled up .When they brought them back they where sent back cold . My daughter got a baby chino it actually burned her lip it was that hot . We did not enjoy our self’s at all and we have been there a couple of times now .

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  3. I visited this place just once a short while ago – it is like the awesome plot-twist spot in a movie where the writer (ahem, me) goes to her little coffee haven, and meets a perfectly handsome and charming stranger and has the most amazing hot chocolate while snuggled on a beanbag, writing a (one day, fingers crossed) bestseller, with the kindest and most friendly staff, and lovely community feel. Yes – this happened to me. I will ABSOLUTELY be coming back. Well done on making a spot worthy of movie plot lines. I LOVE Accents! You have a very loyal customer right here!

  4. I think accents is amazing, there is no other coffee shop like it in Dublin
    the environment is great, you can just read, relax, drink the best coffees in town
    I recommend it to everyone !

  5. My name is Debbie and I am a Community Manager for Airbnb, a unique online marketplace that lets people list and book amazing spaces to stay all around the world.

    I booked an area at Accents to hold a meet-up for some of our lovely Dublin hosts just before Christmas and it was a truly wonderful and relaxing experience!

    The Accents lounge is extremely comfy and cosy, the coffee and cakes are excellent and the staff are tremendously helpful and friendly!

    This is a real community-based place aimed at bringing people together in fun and sociable ways, and what a great space to do it in!

    I am really looking forward to our next event in January and am so pleased to have found such a great venue!!

    Thanks Anna and all your lovely staff! 🙂


  6. i dropped into accents expecting nothing out of the ordinary. i ordered a coffee and the girl behind the counter was tropical. she had a face you would remember into your late fifties. i took a seat expecting a wooden four legged thing instead i got a big bouncy leather sofa. i sat down and found my self sinking. the waitress arrived bringing my drink he was friendly and knowlegeable. i asked him about the world ? he said its big and round. i agreed. then he said he furnished the interior and showed pride. he left and i thought about Accents, i thought about the color blue and the cosiness of the place. if i smoked a cigar . would they come down and give out to me? they’d probably hold me and say its ok. taking the cuban from me and putting it out. i looked at the doorway and two thousand little men arrived they opened a wardrobe and went in. everyone stopped drinking. accents will stay for 400 years more.

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